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Each counselor has a unique way of approaching his or her work. 

I maintain core beliefs that inform my therapeutic approach.

Therapy Process

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The way I work

 I Believe:

  • EVERY human has the FULL potential to live a whole and healthy life - however this may uniquely manifest itself. 

  • As part of my work as a therapist, I believe it is my responsibility to be actively advocating for the rights of ALL humans. At the same time, It is important to me that I am actively doing my own work to know my specific point of context and to be aware of my blind spots. I wholeheartedly welcome humans from all cultures, races, genders, sexual orientation, etc. into my therapy office. I see you.

  • Change IS possible, and healing can occur. I can, however, empathize and understand being in a place where this belief is hard to grasp.


  • Genuine connection with another human has the potential to foster growth & further self-understanding and self-compassion.


  • Therapy is one of the many possible spaces that we can become more conscious, and therefore, more alive. I seek to help people find other spaces where this may become possible as well.


  • Therapy should be a warm, sacred, and safe space to approach any and ALL issues without judgment.

My Approach:

Transpersonal view: I integrate the spiritual and transcendent experiences we have as humans alongside the psychological and mental health framework I received in my training as a Licensed Professional Counselor.

What does this mean for you?

I like to integrate different practices into our work when helpful. These may include experiences in nature, breath work, mindfulness exercises, meditation, energy work - anything that can help you enter into an expanded state of consciousness....of BEING. 


Interpersonal view: It is important to explore the ways in which you operate within your relationships. My clients and I explore life history, recognize certain interpersonal challenges that have occurred along the way, and begin to make moves toward reconstructing viewpoints or ways of being in relationship with others that are no longer proving helpful. I believe our therapeutic relationship is important and that it can be one way to learn how you relate to and interact with others in your life.


Psychodynamic view: Therapy is the work of making the unconscious, conscious. It is about becoming more AWARE (as hard and as scary as that is at times!). We'll talk about patterns that have operated in your life for a long, long time... and we'll assess whether or not they are still working for you.

Feminist view:  I have a special passion for empowering women and helping them break through patterns and social / cultural messaging  that may prohibit them from reaching full potential and full LIVING overall. For many women, this process entails working through belief systems about the self, roles, and challenges in communication and assertiveness. I consider myself your coach and supporter of self-compassion, self- love, and self- grace.

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