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Eating Disorder Therapy

I work with individuals who suffer from a clinically diagnosed eating disorder (whether it be anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating, etc.) to excessive dieting or exercise to disordered eating habits.

My approach

Perhaps you are ready to delve into why it is you are continually turning to food (the presence or absence of it) to fulfill a part of you. Maybe you want to learn more about making peace with food. I can help.


I help individuals gain awareness of the unhealthy thoughts that drive unhealthy behaviors; the challenging of those thoughts becomes an important goal of therapy.


Eating disorders fulfill a unique purpose for each person - for some it is assembling some sense of control. For others, an eating disorder is a way out- a way to disconnect from an unpleasant reality. My goal is to work along side you and help you discover what your eating disorder is giving you and eventually find other ways that you can meet that need. I understand that there is often a level of ambivalence or reluctance to getting help - some days you may feel motivated to work through eating issues and other days you might feel disconnected from your desire to recover. This is normal and acceptable.


While I work with clinically diagnosed eating disorders, I also work with individuals who fall under the category of DISORDERED EATING. This might include the chronic dieter, the over exerciser, or the person who is hyperaware of every morsel of food that enters his or her body.


  • Think about food or eating or weight more often than you'd like - sometimes every moment of every day?

  • Try many diets and loose and gain the same weight back over and over again?

  • Struggle with weight, feelings about self, and relationship to food?

  • Use food to hide feelings?

  • Eat when you are not hungry and don-t stop when you've had enough?

  • Have trouble accepting your own worthiness and feel ashamed of your body and selves?

  • Desire to make peace with food, with your body, and your soul?


Societal pressure, cultural identity, personal experiences, relationships, and overall beliefs about life and self influence your relationship with food.  My belief that a healthy relationship with food is possible for ALL individuals serves as the basis of our therapy work together.  


I seek to walk alongside you while you embark on your journey to make peace with food and, ultimately, with yourself. An underlying sense of guilt, shame, and condemnation does not need to co-exist with your relationship with food.  Peace IS possible.


Please contact me for more information.

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