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 Couples Counseling

My goal is to help couples work through conflict, to cultivate openness and new learning about one another, and to develop strategies for a continued successful relationship.

I can help with:


  • Affair Recovery

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Communication

  • Emotional Disconnect

  • Sexual Discontent

  • Questions about the future of your relationship

  • Strengthening your bond and supporting the health of your relationship

My approach

I operate from the hope-filled belief that couples can achieve a better emotional connection and strengthen understanding within their relationship. I join you where you are, help you understand where you'd like to be in the future, and seek to help you get there.  I've helped many couples work through painful experiences and emotions and can be a guide through them.


When I meet with you, know that the betterment of your relationship - however that takes form-  is my #1 priority. 


ENGAGE: Premarital Counseling Services is my specialized couples therapy practice that focuses on promoting relationship growth, openness, and understanding -  primarily with couples who are dating and considering marriage and/or engaged to be married.

The premarital couples counseling experience is often described as fun and insightful, and it provides couples with a foundation for effectively dealing with current and future issues. I help couples overcome any difficulties they may be having, while simultaneously helping them to become closer partners, friends, and lovers


In the span of 6-10 sessions, couples can expect to:


  • Explore strength and growth areas

  • Strengthen communication skills

  • Identify and manage major stressors

  • Resolve conflict using the Ten Step Model

  • Develop a more balanced relationship

  • Explore family of origin issues

  • Discuss financial planning and budgeting

  • Establish personal, couple and family goals

  • Understand and appreciate personality differences


Please contact me for more information.

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