The toughest part is NOT getting started.

Sure, getting started can be tough at times. I get it.

Like many well-intentioned things, I've been meaning to start writing publicly for a while now. And when I say "publicly", I mean "posting from my comfy living room hub while still in my pjs, with a cup of coffee, in my favorite chair, with my pup nearby".

So what keeps us from starting? What has kept me from starting? These questions/ aka "start-stealers" roll around in my mind:

What if it's not perfect? The dreaded P-word. Most things worth sharing aren't "perfect". They're raw. They're real. They are the things with which most humans connect. Run away from perfection; there's freedom in that space, y'all.

What if I'm judged for it? What if people think I'm _____, ______, or ______?

Umm. You probably will be judged for it. If you're living authentically, you will be judged. If you're lucky, people may not share their judgments. You're also lucky if they do share them. Then and only then do you get to sift through what YOU believe to be true and what you don't. The judgements of others are your teachers.

What if it doesn't go anywhere? Well, first off, what is the drive behind your venture? What satisfaction will YOU get from just doing, being, creating? Maybe the question is not "what if it doesn't go anywhere?, rather "What will I miss out on by NOT trying?'

I just don't feel like it. Why don't you feel like it? What unique plethora of start-stealer beliefs are rolling around in your mind? We all have them. They come from deep within your human experience, and I believe your whole being is longing to be healed and given permission to create and to live fully.

So if the toughest part isn't getting started, what is? You've worked through your start-stealers in therapy, in conversations with good friends, in the actual doing of the thing... now what?

The real work is in the act of L I S T E N I N G to yourself - to all your feelings around "the thing". Sure, it might be in the daily persistence, drive, will, hard work, yadayada, AND yet-

The hardest part of doing "the thing" is in the very continuous and deliberate act of making yourself vulnerable and presenting your very being to the world.

Generally, if it's a thing that doesn't require me to be super vulnerable, getting started is easy. Give me a business idea, and I'll dream the thing into existence with you. Give me a creative home or office decor project, and I'm on it that very day (my clients can attest to this).

Give me something to do that might subject me to disapproval, questioning, and judgments? Now that's a little harder.

Sitting on the brink of that kind of discomfort and then choosing to dive into it is hard. Continuing to dive right in is the hardest. And yet. The most wonderful creations are created out of discomfort, vulnerability, questioning, and judgment.

We can do it, friends!

I can only imagine how much beauty will be birthed once we let go....

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