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Spiritual Counseling

I help individuals explore their spirituality and how it may create meaning and purpose in their lives.

Many studies have shown that spiritual satisfaction and comfort is an important aspect of living a meaningful life. In times where spiritual satisfaction and comfort is changing or it is missing, therapy can be a helpful mode of working through the feelings surrounding these times.

Have you experienced the following?


  • Feeling disconnected

  • Lack of meaning or purpose in life

  • Withdrawing from community

  • Arguing with partner about religious beliefs or commitments

  • Facing prejudice due to religious/spiritual beliefs or commitments

  • Making decisions or taking actions incongruent with who you want to be

  • Facing criticism from faith communities or religious persons

  • Struggling with religious condemnation for sexual orientation or gender identity issues

  • Struggling through personal trauma and/or mass crises

  • Yearning for some form of a relationship with God or your Higher Power that gives life meaning

My approach

Faith and spirituality can be an important aspect of a meaningful life, and I help you explore what your faith might look like and how it might create and sustain meaning and purpose. I seek to be a calm, non-judgmental presence to all - no matter your religious affiliation, belief system, and/ or feelings about spirituality as a whole.


While religions serve as a foundation and resource for many, they also have been used to oppress and hurt people. I am trained and more than willing to help you work through pain and anger associated with this oppression as well.

My background

At McAfee School of Theology in Atlanta, I earned my Masters of Divinity – a degree requiring 90+ credit hours of theological study and multiple clinical chaplaincy and mentoring internship placements.  While this degree certainly played a large part in my development as a counselor, it does not imply that I am solely a “faith-based counselor”.  If you are interested in drawing upon your faith in your therapy, I can certainly facilitate this process and meet you where you are in your journey. In the same way, I do not impose a particular religious preference on anybody, and I trust that you will verbalize your desire to integrate spirituality.

Group opportunity

I am currently welcoming new members into a group entitled, "Exploring Faith & Spirituality: Cultivating Curiousity about Self, Others, & Deity"

For more details, follow this link.

Please contact me for more information.

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